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The picture is a painted song

Whenever I look at Renata´s pictures, the words of American singer Melissa Etheridge come into my mind: "It is unfortunate that our culture does not allow or teach or have a space for certain spirituality. And music thrives, I think, because so many of that is suppressed. Music is very spiritual. It comes from a place's a mystery. Probably the biggest question I get asked how do I write a song? ... People don't know, they want to know ... I take nothing, and I make something ... What is that? Well, it's a channel, channel of creation, and we all have it. Music is a science, it is a language, and those of us who choose to speak it so others can listen and feel it goes straight into your heart, it bypasses your brain, it bypasses everything and goes directly to your soul and your body .. . ".

In some way, photographer reminds more of musician than painter, sculptor or other visual artists. Photographer as well as a musician works with an unseen energy and creates bridges between worlds. Such an artist is undoubtedly RenataVogl. What makes her work so special ? Renata is a musician of light who is able to bridge you and your soul. For a moment, she uplifts the mists over the river of your life and lets you look into your own depths, into the worlds of colors, fantasies, tones, unfettered wild elements and the world with clarity of the rising sun, which themselves are her own. Her work is characterized by infinite lightness, playfulness, imagination and courage to experiment. All of these aspects make her work unique and special. The World of Photography is not only her passion, but also her way of self-realization and self-identification.

From the author's broad portfolio, the theme of Act slightly dominates. Here, she combines the essence of femininity with a kind of metaphysical aspect, which really allows her to enter the other worlds.

Motion´s blur, play of shadows and allusiveness give a huge space for fantasy to the audience, but also with its abstractness, she tries to provoke and seduces the spectator to enter the dreamy reality. And then it really does not matter, which illusion is real rather than how these worlds (the viewer´s and the author´s) are compatible. If you take a moment to allow yourself the luxury of listening to her paintings, she will take you to places, which later you will discover, you already knew long ago ...